Marius Talampas

Marius has a distinctive comedic approach to his storytelling and a brilliant eye for great casting and timing. He brings his own quirky and offbeat style to all his films, creating energetic narratives which always go viral and break the internet. Though his work is comedic he understands how to bring emotion and drama into scripts, which gives the comedy even more edge and humour. His work has a strong visual element to it, that often plays off the mundane and ordinary, and then flips it, sometimes to extremes, to create amazingly funny and memorable films.

In 2018 Marius had his Netflix feature debut becoming the #1 most viewed movie in the Philippines in under 48 hours of its release. Since then he has directed over 100 commercials, winning multiple awards from Spikes, ADFEST, APAC Effies, LIA, CLIO Health, New York Festivals, AWARD Australia, Campaign Brief Asia’s THE WORK, and Cannes Lions. We're thrilled to have him on board with us at Curate.