Directed by our talented duo, Greg & Jacob
Currently in production, The Sound of Family tells the untold story of how the fall of the Berlin Wall created the techno scene in a newly unified Berlin. In a city ravaged by political oppression and segregation - reunification happened on the dance floor.


Destiny On The Main Stage follows four women and their families in the strip club world of Dallas, Texas. We tend to often over-simplify the sex industry, the girls are seen as wh***s and the men as perverts, but it’s actually far more complicated than that. This film shows the delicate balance of being a mother, daughter, sister, friend and lover and the shapes we often bend ourselves into to find and keep love.

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This is a story of unsolved crime, racism, financial exploitation, a family at war, and the enduring power of the blues. Junior Kimbrough has been called the greatest bluesman of the late 20th century, but his legacy remains one of contradiction and bitterness. Hailing from the prolific musical hotbed of North Mississippi’s Hill Country, Junior never found mainstream commercial success, but his churning, mesmeric and raw blues style was a major influence on many other, more successful musicians.

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The Sixties were a cavalcade of protests and parties. A revolution anthemed by the sound of the Beatles and styled by British fashion. A magical decade with secrets still untold. We have exclusive access to the icons of this era, finally ready and willing to lift the veil and share those elusive personal stories!

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'In The Shadows' About Somali British Female Boxing Champion Ramla Ali

Madeleine Sanderson (Being AP) of Curate Films and BAFTA award-winning and Oscar-nominated The Favourite producer Lee Magiday are set to produce the Film4 feature In the Shadows about Somali-born boxing champion Ramla Ali.

Emmy Award and three-time BAFTA winning documentary filmmaker Anthony Wonke (Syria: Children on the Frontline) will make his narrative fiction film debut.

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Cadbury's | Episode 1: Biker Dad

Curate Films partnered with Cadbury’s to put together a series showcasing parents attempting to reconnect with their kids. In episode one, it’s all about personal trainer Heru, who has become disconnected from his 'bike storming' son, Jaidon. Where they used to spend a lot of time together, they've now become separated by Jaidon's new interests and independence. In an effort to rebuild their bond, Heru meets with Matti, a world-record-holding BMXer to go on a secret crash course in biking. But will he succeed in his efforts?


The gripping, surprising and often moving portrait of a man and a city’s journey. The story of a young boxer on the road to his dream; a world title fight in his hometown of Leeds.


The incredible true story of story of a sporting legend. Fearless and willing to sacrifice everything to achieve his goals, this film reveals the exhaustive training routine, injuries, doubt, triumphs, failures and A.P. McCoy’s soul-searching to find a way to leave the stage.



A complicated reflection on snowboarding’s beautiful simplicity.