Tusk 🏳️‍🌈

Tusk, a sparky two-headed monster, is a directing duo based in LA but frequently traveling. Their work is fine (read: zesty art-directed brilliance) but a more important fact is they both know how to ride unicycles - and no they did NOT learn at the same time; fate brought these jokers together. Officially, Kerry & Olivia met in their college dorms where they won random film contests and sold quesadillas to drunk kids on frat row. After their short film Girl Band premiered at Tribeca upon graduating, Tusk went on to direct a menagerie of commercials, music videos and scripted series for clients including Camila Cabello, Google, Alessia Cara, Sony, Brandy, Casetify, Tate McRae, and the Met Gala. Oh, and they also do niche new media work like script content for viral robot influencers. (It’s 2023, betch!) But wait, there’s more! For those of you looking to check boxes so you make it to heaven, yes they are women, yes they are queer, and yes they are good at transitions. Now what are you waiting for? Give Tusk a ring and go unicycle into the sunset together.