Vincenzo Lodigiani draws inspiration from everywhere. How he takes the smallest moment, object or sound and illustrates new life into it is part of his artistic mastery. Nonetheless, Vincenzo has given a peak behind the curtain with one of his most known works, The Illusion of Life, a personal take on the 12 basic principles of animation as developed by the forefathers of the craft. This short film, now a popular educational tool, is just one example of his influence within the graphics community. 

Using these fundamental rules, Vincenzo has created dynamic, sleek and sophisticated work. He has a strong style, with modern lines and bold colours offering effortless visuals. Each element is deliberate and yet fantastically simple. His passion for creating animation and motion graphics have encouraged him to work across mediums from, music videos and broadcasting to advertising and short films. His work continues to garner international acclaim as his brand strengthens and we’re pleased to champion his craft.