Sam Hobkinson is a fantastic director with years of experience engaging viewers in provocative and broad ranging stories. From documentary to television drama, Sam has offered suspense and insight for British and American audiences alike. He has been the recipient of the coveted ‘Grierson' British Documentary Award twice; first in 2007 for Who Cares About Art and second in 2012 for The Love of Books: A Sarajevo Story. His subjects include the enigmatic art world to the complex devastation of war-torn countries. In 2017 he worked alongside Damien Hirst to capture the staggering film Treasures from the Wreck of the Unbelievable, following it with his 2018 documentary The Kleptocrats; a dazzling look into an embezzlement and corruption scheme known as the world’s biggest white-collar heist. Most recently, Sam has released the limited docu-series Fear City: New York vs The Mafia on Netflix. With hints of Francis Ford Coppola’s, The Conversation, Sam recreated the tense, exhilarating dirty glamour of 1980s New York.

He is an incredible talent, appropriately acclaimed and humbly rising. We are excited to have him here at Curate and keen to share what he explores next!